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    Homes For The Brave
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    Cloud Certification Training
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    Helping Returning Combat Veterans
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  • A Healing In Sharing War Experiences

    A Healing In Sharing War Experiences
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    Find out how to partner with Veterans 360

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Note: We are often asked why we do not engage older veterans or those with long term military service. This is always a delicate balance. The simple answer, if there is one, is that our younger veterans need this entry level type of support. Our older veterans have bought homes and cars, have family, have a lot more life and military education and a much more robust support network. Our young veterans are much more at risk, vulnerable and underserved. If we do not focus we will simply get overwhelmed and quite frankly our older veterans would be bored and not find the same value in the entry level education that we provide. We hope you understand.

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